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Heriloom Cannabis
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What We Are Doing

What Are We Doing

One World Legends: We have agreements with cannabis farmers in Colombia in preparation for global distribution. We are working to grow landrace strains in Los Angeles and Colombia: Acapulco Gold, Panama Red, and Colombian Punta Roja, Afganica Haze,  Afganica Skunk, Durban Poison Cauca, Acapulco Gold, Colombian Gold, Original Skunk #1,  Santa Marta Skunk - Santa Marta Gold and more.

Tissue Culture:  We have engaged in a tissue culture program to ensure a consistent, high-quality product.  (Learn More)

VivaBuds, our retail market division based in Los Angeles, is our marketing arm that will deliver premium cannabis from farm to consumer. We have established Club Viva's "tell a friend" program that allows people to earn a commission for referrals to Viva Buds.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

To provide high quality cannabis to our customers at prices well below established market rates.

Our business model will control Quality: of seeds, of growing practices, distribution and delivery to consumers.

As Cannapioneers we believe that heirloom quality marijuana from the source can be made legally available through global distribution channels ensuring that quality, variety and fair pricing are provided to the consumer.  Branded, Curated Heirloom Collections will separate Marijuana Inc. from all other strains currently on the market today.  


We are dedicated to reward those that help to facilitate the distribution (from grower to consumer). Our “tell a friend” rewards program brings financial benefits to everyone.

Industry Pioneers
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Industry Pioneers


Marijuana Inc. is led by Cannabis pioneers who have been involved in the publicly traded Marijuana sector since 2009, when they founded MJNA – Medical Marijuana Inc – the first marijuana company to be traded on the public exchange.

As Marijuana entrepreneurs, we have a successful track record in over 15 publicly traded Marijuana companies. The friends and associates that we have met during our cumulative 100+ years in the industry share a common vision of reducing the consumer cost of Marijuana while supporting the growth of the Marijuana market.

Management Team

Marijuana Inc. Management Team

Don Steinberg

Founder, CEO

Don Steinberg has been at the forefront of innovation in various industries with a major focus and verifiable success in the marijuana industry. He brings a lifetime of experience to Marijuana, Inc., that will serve to benefit the company in a myriad of ways.

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Rocky Petrullo

One World Legends

Rocky Petrullo is a strong cannabis entrepreneur with many years of experience in Jamaica and Colombia to support global distribution and an expert in water purity to ensure our products will be grown in the best conditions possible.  Rocky Petrullo is the President and Founder of One World Legends, Inc. His background includes being a cannabis pioneer in Jamaica and Columbia back in the 1970’s.

Jim Hancock
Jim Hancock

Mr. Hancock has garnered recognition serving in numerous senior positions as a turnaround and merger and acquisition specialist throughout his 40-year career.

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Robert Hymers

Strategic Consultant

Robert, with several years of both tax and auditing experience at Ernst & Young (“EY”), LLP, worked in the firm’s core assurance practice performing audits of public and private companies, specifically in the real estate industry. Member of EY’s National Tax Group (FS0) for several years.


Marijuana Inc. DIVISIONS


VivaBuds from Grower to Consumer

Premium Cannabis Products 
Directly from Farm to Consumer

Legal export of cannabis from Colombia, an opportunity for One World Legends Inc.

Global Distribution of Heirloom Strains

Pot, marijuana, weed, herb… regardless of what you call it, we want you to enjoy it and tell your friends about it!

Reminiscent of your favorite vacation, we invite you to sit back, relax and choose your experience today.

We are committed to global distribution of heirloom cannabis strains as regulations permit. With our grow partners in Colombia, Jamaica, and soon Mexico we are positioned to be the premier global exporters and distributors of the legendary strains that we have all come to know and love.

Most strains in the industry are blends and rarely can you find the true heirloom strains that started it all. With over 40 years of establishing relationships, we have access to these strains and pathways to global distribution.

(Learn More)

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